What We Provide For You


Our wholesale bakery supplies to over 30 restaurants and hotels across New York and Connecticut

Farmers Market

 We supply our delicious pastries every Saturday at "Greg's Farm" Farmers Market

Seasonal Specials

We offer great seasonal desserts such as our delicious Pumpkin Cheesecake and Apple - Cranberry Tarts
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Portrait of a Chef


What We Are Made Of Chef Jean Jacques Carquillat formerly from the esteemed Gaston Le Notre, and the renowned Fauchon, Paris and around the world in Le Richmond in Geneva, Le Mirabelle of London, and the Ritz Carlton of Portugal. Since 1996, he and his wife, Jennifer have been in Kingston, NY as owners of Le Canard Enchaine. He brings his experience to your kitchen with the finest pastries around using the purest ingredients found on the planet. One taste will tell you what your eyes already have...these handmade scrumptious works of art have no equal and are only found in dreams...and from our kitchen to yours. Bon Appetit!

Simplicity, Beauty & Quality

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